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Team building



Barcelona Arab tours organizes several team building activities for groups of companies employees using different team events. A team event has many benefits in the spirit, motivation, confidence and effectiveness of the team. And consolidate the union among its members. Surely this atmosphere are going to keep also in their work.

The benefits of guided team building include:

  • Creating a culture of trust
  • Much better communication
  • An increase in efficiency
  • Greater awareness of the impact each individual has on another
  • Communal support
  • Expansion of thinking and ideas base

Some of the team building outdoor or indoor activity:

  • Cooking workshops for teams
  • Scavenger or treasure hunts
  • Tribal games
  • Pirate theme team building games
  • Human table football
  • Ice – breaking games
  • The construction team
  • Make your own videoclips for companies and groups
  • Doblaje game
  • Theater workshops
  • Make your own short advertising spot
  • Interactive quiz game

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